A downloadable game for Windows

A pre-alpha version of Healthy Cricket for the HTC Vive. Please note that this is very early into the games build.

Version 2.0 Change log:

  • Run Chase mode added - You're in the last 10 overs with over 100 to score with 6 wickets to go.
  • Training mode separated into it's own mode.
  • Fast bowling overhauled. Far more likely to face yorkers and bouncers.
  • Pitch length increased by 20%.
  • Batting physics overhauled - bat speed plays a far greater role than before.
  • Fielders can now catch and chase the ball (note they are still idiots).
  • Drunk wicket keeper added. If you thought the fielders were bad, wait till you see the keeper.
  • Tapping the pitch with your bat now has sound and haptics.
  • Haptics added when hitting the ball.

Known bugs:

  • Wickets momentarily disappear when quitting out of training mode straight away.
  • Occasional issues with getting a four/six at the very start of a ball if a boundary was hit the ball prior.
  • The fielders. They're just bad, i'm working on it.

Install instructions

Requires an HTC Vive with SteamVR.

Unzip the file using 7zip (or any other suitable program) and run the HealthyCricket_V2.0.exe file. Please note to run the .exe from the default folder (requires the data folder to be located in the same folder).


HealthyCricket_V2.0.zip 13 MB